Opening GALERIE BORN, Berlin:
Boys keep Swinging
21 October – 20 December 2011


Angela Dwyer


1961 born in Palmerston North, Neuseeland
1978 Studies of Art Conservation, Dunedin
1979 – 1981 Studies at Otago School of Fine Arts, Dunedin, Neuseeland
1983 Studies at Gippsland School of Visual Arts, Victoria, Australia

lives and works in Berlin


Boys keep Swinging

The Berlin based artist Angela Dwyer is well known for her colorful, abstract oil paintings on canvas and her textual paperworks. In recent years she refined and extended her aesthetic, form and content into three-dimensional, sculptural paintings on metal. The show is dominated by works with oil paint on formed, deformed and rumpled copper, to some extent objects, relief type installation and also a sculpture respective to space.
A primary work of the exhibition in our space is the four by eight meter Schotter´s Nation, which intentionally covers a complete wall of the gallery. Even the title points the intellectual play many of Angela Dwyer’s works are based on. On the one hand she is citing the title of Pete Doherty’s album Shotter´s Nation, on the other she is converting the english word shotter into a the german word Schotter (gravel, paving stones) for her personal examination with social strata, a Nation of Schotter.
A multitude of scraps of rumpled copper, woven into each other, layered and painted a wide spectrum of black tones, results in a relief like, downright overwhelming image. Hardly one black equivalent to another. „ I wanted to make it clear that black is also a color that, with its nuances and tones, can cause each viewer to react differently,“ says Angela Dwyer.
Another larger work in the exhibition is Boys Keep Swinging, a colorful, vertically arranged and voluminous stack of painted copper. The work is both a painting hung on a wall as well as a floor sculpture. When asked about this work, Angela Dwyer points out that the point of origin sometimes isn’t always an image. First, the extensive work with the material stirs a memory with in her: „ of having seen a hundred year old, that I love and that now is no longer is permitted. When I was a child, we lived for some time directly on a harbor. Sometimes at night I could watch from my window how the Seamen, with lamps and ropes, came to port and climbed the dangerously high cliffs to paint the names and flags of their ships for the entire harbor to see.“ And she additional states in correlation, „I refuse to separate context and form.“
Angela Dwyer was born in Palmerston North, New Zealand in 1961. Since 1984 she has been living and working in Berlin. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and many of her works can be found in important collections. Last year she was also a guest professor of painting at the Academy for Fine Arts in Munich.
Johannes Grebert, September 2011