To The Ground
6 March – 30 May 2020



1977 born in Santiago de Chile
1999-2004 Studies of painting at the University of Finis Terrae / Santiago de Chile

lives and works in Berlin and Santiago de Chile


Felipe Cusicanqui – To The Ground

In 2010 I saw works by Felipe Cusicanqui in a gallery
in Santiago de Chile for the first time.
"To The Ground" is the third solo exhibition of the Chilean artist
at Galerie Born who by now moved to Berlin with his family.
Looking at his paintings from within the last ten years,
the seemingly endless diversity of the materials used
is remarkable.
But they all have one thing in common: In the paintings
of Felipe Cusicanqui, we always encounter
his immediate environments, be it landscape or family.
In Chile it was the Andes and the rural work situation,
the urban spaces there.
You can now discover his Berlin surroundings,
the Grunewald, streets, houses, and always his family.
In the broadest sense, "To The Ground" reflects
the floor on which the artist is moving.

Matthias Fuhrmann, February 2020

by courtesy of ART@Berlin –