Heiddorf project space:
Zyklische Bewegung / staged photography
24 July – 17 October 2021







Florian Merkel


1961 born in Chemnitz, Germany
1981–1986 Photography studies at Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts
since 1986 freelance

lives and works in Berlin


Zyklische Bewegung / staged photography

When you first see the works of Florian Merkel, you are struck for a second. What is this?
Photographs colored in hours of work on the computer?
During his studies in Leipzig in the 1980s, Merkel was already engaged in the time-honored tradition of coloring black-and-white photographs. In those days, glaze colors were used for various support tasks. But to color his staged photos with a brush, he was already drawn to this temptation back then and constantly developed the technique in the years that followed.
Of course, Florian Merkel also experimented with the computer, the digital imitation seemed to him for a short time to lead to the similar effects.
In the meantime, he has returned to the traditional methods. He appreciates them and plays to their strengths; the individually produced unique piece with its microcosm is what interests and motivates him.


Florian Merkel – Zyklische Bewegung – catalogue



Zyklische Bewegung, 2021
10.- € ► order
21 x 29.7 cm, 20 pages
© 2021 Galerie Born
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