Sammlung / Collection
6 November – 19 December 2015


Johannes U. Kubiak – Sammlung / Collection

The compiling, the quantity and accumulation, the filing and sorting, and simultaneously, the concentration, the inclosure, the focus of a shape or color.
Johannes Ulrich Kubiak is often a painter of water. It appears in many paintings, most naturally in the watercolors, and in all its forms: as drops, as vapor, as splashes, as a sap in plants of a most extraordinarily lush variety; as a beverage, as thirst, as fountains, etc. The subject that only little by little reveals itself may provoke drier, sometimes harder, themes, but paint-wise is always water-ish.
One can imagine that each of these works began as a trickle, yet at the same time one cannot imagine how.
Kubiak's spaces are always packed to the edges. They are flooded with tiny details, their surfaces giving rise to a sudden fury of nature, an "élan vital", often as red as fire, but the result, too, of a fury in painting between meticulousness and devotion.