Lucy Teasdale


born in Birmingham, England
2006 – 2007
Studies at the University of the Arts, Berlin
Study of Free Art, Art Academy Düsseldorf with Tony Cragg

lives and works in Berlin


What mad pursuit

Bronze is such a warm and friendly metal. It asks to be touched. While working with it, you are very aware of its morphable qualities as a soft metal. What mad pursuit shows a hunting scene- a rider on horseback who has just thrust his spear forward. The figure and landscape have merged together and the landscape is also moving – the tree’s trunk is twisted around on itself. The heavy blossom on the tree hangs over the figure & echoes his downward thrust. To me, this work is all about movement which is why I was so pleased to be able to use that most morphable of metals, bronze for it.
Lucy Teasdale, 2020