Born a. Darss:
BieneFeld + Asana Fujikawa
FIVE SEASONS II – Die Verzauberung
3 July – 29 August 2021








1960 born in Greifswald, Germany
1980 – 1982 Studies at the University of Graphic Arts and Book Art, Leipzig
1988 – 1995 Studies at the Berlin University of the Arts

lives and works in Berlin


Asana Fujikawa


1981 born in Tokyo
1999 – 2003 Studies of Art and Teaching at Nagoya Zokei University in Aichi, Japan
2014 – 2016 Master of Free Art at University of Fine Arts, Hamburg

lives and works in Hamburg


Die Verzauberung / The Enchantment

It certainly promises to be an exciting exhibition: Berlin painter BieneFeld and Japanese artist Asana Fujikawa are coming together in a duo show.
Both know each other personally through Born Gallery and are well familiar with each other’s work.
BieneFeld draws many of her artistic intensions from nature surrounding her. “Five Seasons” is the name of her current body of work, just as it is challenging to reflect the course of a year in just four seasons, as diverse is BieneFeld’s artistic expression.
Asana Fujikawa derives her artistic intuitions from mythology, Japanese culture and tradition. Her ceramic works are rich in associations. There are female figures in kimono, the back shows a colored tattoo, wicked spirits are supposed to be chased away with it. Legendary figures meet the viewer and again and again ghosts and spirits…
Sometimes, you might think, Haruki Murakami comes along.
Matthias Fuhrmann, June 2021


Stiftung Kunstfonds
Neustart Kultur