Heiddorf project space:
17 May – 19 July 2020
THE INITIATOR – Painting Pure
CLEMENS GRÖSZER and artists of the gallery






The Initiator

In 1992, together with a friend, I ran the Conrad print shop in Berlin. I got to know Clemens Gröszer during the printing of his first, extensive catalogue at the print press. I can still see him in front of me today, the printing went on for hours, Clemens approved all the printed sheets, in the evening we all stood at the press with a bottle of beer, not unusual in a printing house
at that time, today unimaginable.
In 1999, again during the printing of a large catalogue in the new rooms of the printing house in Berlin-Wittenau, we both sat in the meeting room and Clemens, in his well-known funny, ironic way, mocked the art posters on the walls.
„No problem,“ I said to him, „we can hang some of your works instead of the posters.“
This was the beginning of a long series of exhibitions, „Kunst bei Conrad“, three changing exhibitions every year, live music at the opening, works of art in the press room.
And when we started with exhibitions in the thatched house in Heiddorf, Clemens was the first artist whose works
we showed there. In the time that followed, we often talked about the program, he was a great friendly companion.
When the plan matured to convert the horse stable at the back of the property into a gallery, it was Clemens and his wife,
the architect Anna Gröszer, who were there to give advice and help. Anna made some drawings, from both of them came the idea of the high door, the idea of being able to look out of the exhibition room at the wide landscape and the sky.
And since the opening of the „Kunstraum Heiddorf“, today „Galerie Born, Projektraum Heiddorf“, in 2006, he has stayed here countless times, or in the Born, Born a. Darss Gallery, which opened in 2008, and from 2011 in the Born Gallery, Berlin.

I can hardly imagine my entire gallery activity without the great initiator Clemens Gröszer, whom I would like to thank with this exhibition, as well as the participating artists of the gallery, Martin Assig, BieneFeld, Angela Dwyer, Han Klinkhamer
and Uwe Kowski.

Matthias Fuhrmann, May 2020


Cabinet of thatched-roof house:
Grafik pour
to 31 October 2020
open by appointment

Maria Fuhrmann / Tel. +49 1578 043 21 21


Jens Jensen


1940 born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
grew up in Ahrensburg/Schleswig-Holstein
1966 Move to Berlin, first drawings and pictures
1972 Studies with Stanley William Hayter’s Atelier 17 in Paris
Lithographs with Clot, Bramsen, Georges and Jacques de Champfleury, Paris

lived and worked in Berlin and Paris