Born a. Darss:
5 September – 31 October 2021
opening day: Saturday, 4 September, 11:00 –17:00


Uwe Kowski


1963 born in Leipzig, Germany
1984 – 1989 Studies of Painting and Graphics, University of Graphics and Book Art, Leipzig

lives and works in Berlin



Since the founding of GALERIE BORN, Born a. Darss, the exhibition “KOWSKI” will be the artist’s 4th solo presentation in this space. Early last year, Uwe Kowski was featured at Kunsthalle Rostock. Under the title of Uwe Kowski – sehen (see) a wide variety of important works from 2010 to 2019 were shown.
For the exhibition in Born, Uwe Kowski is intensely working at the present time, new works from last year and this year will be on display. The experience of painting is what drives the artist, he invites us as spectators to an encounter of seeing.
With his paintings he does not want to tell stories, depict people or spaces. Of course, there is an idea behind each of the works, but the way through the paintings must be found by each of us. And in doing so, one may find the artist’s intention, or perhaps will discover a new sense. The titles should and can be an impulse in the respective finding, own memories and experiences are stirred, and perhaps it may come to a superimposition with those of the artist.
Matthias Fuhrmann, April 2021