Born a. Darss:
Uwe Kowski
4 September – 31 October 2021






Uwe Kowski


1963 born in Leipzig, Germany
1984 – 1989 Studies of Painting and Graphics, University of Graphics and Book Art, Leipzig

lives and works in Berlin



Beton, draußen, Garten – exhibition titles of the three previous solo exhibitions of Uwe Kowski at GALERIE BORN. And now, in 2021, simply KOWSKI, is this supposed to be a statement, a stand determination?
In any case, Uwe Kowski proceeds. The artistic path he is following has become visible in the exhibition of Kunsthalle Rostock 2020, where works from the last ten years were on display, a fascinating retrospective.
Now in the Born Gallery, all very recent works, oil, painting on canvas and also some works on paper. It is not hard to see that the experience of painting is what drives the artist. And we, the show’s visitors, are invited to make an experience of seeing out of it. Kowski is far from telling stories with his painting, depicting spaces, landscapes, people. This is not to say that each painting is not based on an idea, an inspiration. But we as viewers have to find our own route through the paintings. And whether we then encounter the same intuition as the artist is completely secondary. From Kowski’s point of view, it may well be a novel one.
All of Uwe Kowski’s works have titles. “Children” without names do not occur in his oeuvre. Perhaps they can help in exploring the artistic impulse, perhaps own sensations or experiences are sparked. And also, of course, there is the opportunity that it comes to the compliance with the artists’ intentions.
This is what I can look forward to, and all of us, in the next few weeks at the Born Gallery: KOWSKI
Matthias Fuhrmann, August 2021


Uwe Kowski – KOWSKI catalogue


KOWSKI, 2021
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21 x 29.7 cm, 32 pages
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